Tremiti Islands: Island of San Domino, an icon of landscapes

The perfect blend of the sea’s cobalt blue, and nature’s green hues, the Island of San Domino is an icon of landscapes.

Sheer drops, grottos and caves, bays and sea stacks, and many small valleys make this place unique, and set apart from any other island. Known as the “Orchard of Paradise”, San Domino was once richly cultivated with vineyards and fruit trees.

Here the sea is an endless source of surprises; a real heaven for divers.

There are many interesting, magnificent places for hikers and walkers: to name but a few, there are the Grotta delle Viole and del Bue Marino, the great rocks of the Pagliai, the lighthouse, and of course Cala delle Arene and Cala Tramontana.

A holiday on San Domino is an experience unlike any other, and bears no comparison for its natural beauties.