The Tremiti Islands, between myth and history

To this day, the origins of the name “Tremiti” remain unclear. Some link it to the earthquake (“Tremetus”) which separated the islands from the Gargano peninsula. According to others, allegedly the archipelago was originally made up of one single mountainous island, which after a series of geological activities separated into three islands, therefore into “Tre Monti” – “Three Mountains”.
In ancient times, the islands were called Diomedee, because according to legend they were found by demigod Diomedes, who after the battle of Troy decided to found a colony there.

The archipelago is a real shrine of history and myth. Several archeological findings testify to the presence and succession of many different civilisations, from Pre-history to Greek and Roman times, who contributed to enrich its history.

Today, the Tremiti Islands are a popular tourist destination, ideal for holidays immersed in a magical landscape, between uncontaminated nature and a spectacular sea: unique for its colours and climate.