The Marine Reserve of the Tremiti Islands

The Marine Reserve of the Tremiti Islands is extraordinarily rich in fish and vegetation.

Its seabed is naturally perfect for diving. In this uniquely beautiful habitat you can discover many types of underwater fauna, including lobsters, seahorses, octopuses, snappers, and sea breams.

The Reserve is also a shrine of historical treasures, thanks to the many shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea: these make ideal destinations for underwater adventures.

The whole area is divided into three zones:

Zone A: this is limited to island of Pianosa, the most extreme of the archipelago. Here fishing, navigation, and bathing are strictly prohibited, except for guided tours or scientific excursions authorised by the Parco Nazionale del Gargano.

Zone B: surrounding Capraia and part of San Domino. This area is off-limits for underwater fishing, whether professional or for sport. Navigation is allowed only if authorised by the managing authority.

Zone C: the largest area, which includes San Nicola and San Domino. Diving and sports fishing are permitted here; there are also many bays where you can enjoy swimming and bathing.